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Roundtable Discussion on Instutionalizing REDD in Indonesia

Roundtable Discussion on Institutionalizing REDD in Indonesia was held in IPB International Convention Center at 19 May 2009. The event was attended by 43 participants from the Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture, Bappenas, academicians, NGOs, donor agencies, representatives of local government, and privates.

The roundtable was officially opened by remarks from Mr. Adi Susmianto, on behalf of the Head of Forest Research and Development Agency. In his remarks, Mr. Susmianto expressed his expectation on the inputs that may come from this discussion. He was hoping that there will be information and ideas which may assist the Government of Indonesia (GoI) in developing registry system, coordinating local-national work, and increasing community awareness.

The roundtable was divided into two sessions. Morning session presented four speakers, namely:

  • Dr. Nur Masripatin (Secretary of Forest Research and Development Agency), presenting “REDD Indonesia : progress to date”
  • Dr. Wardoyo (Directorate General of Forest Planology), presenting “FRIS (Forest Resource Information System) and NCAS (National Carbon Accounting System)”
  • Mr. Matthew Ogonowski (Center for Clean Air Policy), presenting “Tropical Forest and the International Post-2012 Response to Climate Change : REDD and Emissions Mitigation in Developing Countries”
  • Dr. Gordon Smith (EcoFor LLC), presenting “Integrating REDD and National Carbon Accounts”

While afternoon session presented two speakers, i.e :

  • Ir. Medrilzam, MSc. (Bappenas), presenting “Blueprint for ICCTF (Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund)”
  • Mr. Ilarius Wibisono (representative of Aceh Provincial Government), presenting ”REDD Development : Perspective of Aceh Province”

REDD is now an UNFCCC priority, as highlighted in the Bali Action Plan. International consensus on how REED will be implemented is still under development. Several key issues have not yet been solved. These issues are among others on how to : finance for REDD implementation, set implementation scale (national or sub-national), defining baseline, avoiding leakage, etc.

Besides Indonesia, CCAP has and is now also working on REDD in Brazil, Cambodia, Mexico, and China. In Cambodia, the government is currently developing forest plan to support the implementation of REDD. While in Brazil, the government is currently developing satellite data system.

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