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REDD Training Series of Aceh Government: National Policy and Technical Development

Government of Aceh REDD Training Series: National Policy and Technical Development aims to (i) the participant is able to improve the understanding of the concept of forest carbon, (ii) the participants a better understanding of the latest developments of national policies related to climate change issues and (iii) the participants explore the technical and methodological issues related to the development of forest carbon activities.

This training is planned by the Provincial Government of Aceh (Aceh Green and REDD Task Force), supported by UNDP ACEH funding and organizing activities by Carbon and Environmental Research Indonesia (CER Indonesia). The training was held on 2-4 February 2010 in Bogor. Activity field measurement and evaluation of the results was performed on February 4, 2010 in the Garden.

The training was attended by 15 stakeholders in the province of Aceh, which is derived from seven institutions: the Bureau of the Regional Secretariat of Aceh's economy, law firm of regional Secretariat of Aceh, Department of Forestry and Plantations, BAPPEDA Aceh, Bappedalda, BP-KEL, and Faculty of Law Syiah Kuala University.

Resource persons who attended this training series is:

  • Dr. Nur Masripatin (Kapuslitsosekjakhut, MoF RI)
  • Dr. Ward (Sub Director of Forest Monitoring Resources, MoF RI)
  • Dr. Bramasto Nugroho (Faculty of Forestry IPB
  • Ari Wibowo, M.Sc (Research and Development, MoF RI)
  • Dr. Fahmuddin Agus (Balittan, MoA RI)
  • Dr. Rizaldi Boer (Science, IPB)
  • Delon Marthinus, M.Sc (Dir. Ex. CER Indonesia)
  • Muhammad Ridwan, S.Hut (Expert Forestry, CER Indonesia)

The presentation material presented by the speakers in the training, namely:

  • National policy, funding opportunities and forest carbon markets in Indonesia
  • Measurement of carbon and national forestry data
  • Institutional A / R CDM and REDD
  • GHG Inventory forestry sector
  • Measurement of carbon in peatlands
  • A / R CDM and REDD: Opportunities and Challenges in Indonesia
  • The steps in the preparation of carbon forestry projects
  • Measurement of carbon and biomass
  • Preparation of the Project Design Document
  • Experience of A / R CDM in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

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