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Training on Forestry Carbon Project Development

Training on Forest Carbon Project Development was held on 26-27 January 2011, taken placed at Hotel Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta, Indonesia. The training was initiated by International Finance Corporation (IFC) with recommendation and cooperation between Carbon and Environmental (CER) Indonesia and Osterreichische Bundesforeste AG (OBf). All materials and the technical assistances of the seminar were brought by CER Indonesia.

In general, the objectives of the training was to inform the Hutan Tanaman Industri (HTI) companies about the updated issue and the understanding of forest carbon project. While the specific objectives were to: (i) observe the potential of the forest carbon projects in Indonesia, (ii) assist the establishment of viable HTI, (iii) provides access to available carbon markets, (iv) calculate the carbon removal by sinks, and (v) develop the Afforestation/Reforestation Clean Development Mechanism (A/R CDM) Project Design Document (PDD) through short exercises.

The two days seminar was attended by 21 participants from 15 companies on the first day, while on the second day attended by 21 participants from 14 companies. It was opened with opening remarks from Rahajeng Pratiwi as IFC’s representative, then continued straightaway with presentation by Rizaldi Boer from CER Indonesia.

The topics on the first and second day were:

  • "Opportunities of carbon forestry project", presented by Rizaldi Boer
  • "Scheme of non-compliance and standards can be used", presented by Rizaldi Boer
  • "Social problems in HTI", presented by M. Ridwan
  • "Calculation of Potential Carbon sequestration", presented by M. Ridwan and Delon Marthinus
  • "Project Design Document (Project Design Document - PDD)", presented by Delon Marhinus

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