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Regional Training of Trainers for CDM Biomass Based Project Development in Indonesia

IGES Regional Training of Trainers for CDM Biomass Based Project Development in Indonesia was conducted on 30-31 October 2007 at Kapuas Hotel, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The training was organized by Ministry of Environment of Indonesia, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), and Carbon and Environmental Research (CER) Indonesia, in collaboration with West Kalimantan Province’s Environmental Impact Agency (Bapedalda Kalimantan Barat).

Objective of the training were: (i) to develop capacity of local stakeholders in identifying and assessing promising CDM projects especially in area of biomass waste management, (ii) to introduce the principle of baseline and additionality, and (iii) to increase capacity of local stakeholders to develop CDM project concept and have better understanding on elements of PDD.

The training was opened with opening remarks, each were from Ir. Tri Budiarto (Head of Bapedalda Kalimantan Barat) as representative of West Kalimantan province’s government as local host, Dr. Jun Ichihara as IGES’s representative, Mr. Haneda Sri Mulyanto as Ministry of Environment’s representative, and finally an opening remark from Dr. H. Buchary Abdurrahman (Mayor of Pontianak City). The Mayor also shared Pontianak City’s experience in implementing CDM scheme for landfill gas project. The training was attended by 39 participants from government officials, private sectors (palm oil and rubber industries) and academicians.

The training was conducted in two days. First day of the training presented the materials of basic CDM knowledge and further information on CDM biomass waste sector, continued with interactive discussion for identifying potential CDM biomass based project. The presentation include:

  • “Implementation of CDM Program in Pontianak”, by Dr. H. Buchary Abdurrahman (Pontianak City Government)
  • “Overview of CDM Project Cycle and Indonesian DNA”, by Ir. Gunardi (Ministry of Environment)
  • “Overview of CDM Financing”, by Dr. Rizaldi Boer (CER Indonesia)
  • “Baseline and Additionality Concept”, by Dr. Rizaldi Boer (CER Indonesia)
  • “What is PDD and How to Write Project Concept Using PIN Format”, by Syahrina D. Anggraini (CER Indonesia)
  • “IGES ICS-CDM Activities and Japanese Support Scheme for CDM in Host Country”, by Dr. Jun Ichihara (IGES)
  • “Identification of Potential CDM Project in Biomass Waste Management and Method for Calculating the Potential Emission Reduction”, by Dr. Retno G. Dewi (CER Indonesia)

Second day of the training was presented “Potential Project Emission on CDM Biomass Based Project”, by Dr. Retno G. Dewi, continued by exercise for calculating emission reduction of CDM biomass based project.

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