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IGES Seminar on Regional CDM Development

Since 2004, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) of Japan, Ministry of Environment of Indonesia and Carbon and Environmental Research (CER Indonesia) have been collaborated in IGES CDM Capacity Building Program, aims to improve stakeholder awareness and capacity in developing CDM. The program consists of series of capacity building events such training and seminar, and development of a CDM country guide book.

IGES also have a technical support scheme in developing PDD of two CDM projects. CER Indonesia will support the development of project ideas by project developers identified in the consultation meeting, and will produce two PDDs and support the realization of identified projects until process to get approval from Host Country. As compensation, the developer of projects have willing to give first opportunity in negotiation of sales CER to party recommended by IGES.

Any company who have activity plan that potential to be developed in CDM scheme is welcome to contact CER Indonesia for pre-consultancy so that their idea can be studied and discussed in the seminar.

In general, the objectives of IGES Consultation Meeting in 2008 are to increase capacity on CDM, promote interaction and identification of potential projects ideas and project proponents.

The specific objective of this seminar is:

  • To disseminate information regarding changes in CDM rules and procedures since the last CDM capacity building event held on September 2006.
  • To gather local CDM stakeholders in North Sumatera and surrounding areas to discuss and share their ideas and initiatives in developing CDM To discuss barriers and policy solution for developing CDM in Indonesia.
  • To identify potential CDM projects and local proponents.
  • To develop capacity of local stakeholders in developing project information note (PIN) through learning by doing from case studies and bringing the PINs into PDD stages.
  • To support the realization of CDM projects in Indonesia.

Participants in this seminar is local stakeholders such as local governments, private sectors (oil and gas companies, plantation companies, etc.), academicians, consultants, and NGOs.

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