The Executive Board approved the Programme of Activities Registration Guide

Bogor, July 3, 2007

CDM Executive Board at the 32nd meeting approved two guidelines related to Programmatic CDM, namely the "Guidance on the registration of project activities under a program of activities as a single CDM project activity (version 02)" and "Procedures for registration of a program of activities as a single CDM project activity and issuance of certified emission reductions for a program of activities (version 01)". Moreover, it has also proposed a draft Project Design Document (PDD) for a Programme of Activities (CDM-POA-DD) and CDM Programme Activity (CDM-CPA-DD).

Some characteristics of Programmatic CDM is as follows:

  PoA – Programme of Activities
Is a coordinated activity that is managed by a voluntary public and private institutions and aims to support policy / government decision that will affect the emission reduction or sequestration (sinks) of greenhouse gases.

A PoA must be able to prove that: (i) the absence of Programmatic CDM, the proposed activity will not materialize; or (ii) in the absence of the Programmatic CDM policies /regulations mandate will not be established in a systematic and can not meet the targets /requirements set; or (iii) Programmatic CDM will be able to increase the level of implementation of policies / regulations related.

A PoA shall be proposed by a coordinating / managing entity, which also acts as the participants of the project and approved by all involved as well as the host DNA is identified as the entity that will communicate with the Executive Board in a variety of ways including the distribution of CERs.

The responsibility of the PoA manager include:
- As a Focal Point in communication with the Executive Board

- Manage the distribution of CERs among implementing the CPA

- Ensure that the CPA under the PoA is not a registered CDM project or part of another PoA

- Selecting a baseline and monitoring methodologies and technologies that can be used for all CPAs

- Report to the EB if there is a new CPA that goes into PoA has been registered (Registered PoA) and ensure that the technology, methods, calculations and other appropriate leakage or equal to the set for by the registered PoA.

  CPA – CDM Programme of Activity
Is a project activity under a Programme of Activities. CPA can be a single event or a series of activities that are mutually correlated, and aims to reduce emissions or increase the absorption of greenhouse gases, carried out at the location / specific areas that have been described in the baseline methodology..

  The physical limits of a PoA can exceed one state (cross country) in which each country to host a non-Annex I shall confirm that the implementation of the PoA, including CPAs in it, contributing to the achievement of sustainable development.

  The period of a PoA not exceeding 28 years for projects in energy, or 60 years for forestry projects. CPA crediting period for the energy sector is 7 years with a possible extension of two times or a maximum of 10 years without an extension, while the forestry CPA crediting period is 20 years with a possible extension of two times or a maximum of 30 years without renewal. However, the extension of the credit period will be limited to the period of the PoA deadline, regardless of when the CPA is registered.

Programmatic CDM approval of the scheme is expected to be able to assist the implementation of the programs and policies of the Indonesian government as GERHAN Department of Forestry, Rural Electrification Department of Energy and Mineral Resources, and other activities that contribute to the improvement of the quality improvement at the same development environment.

More information on the implementation of the Programmatic CDM procedure can be seen in