Indonesia to Host COP 13 / MOP 3

February 21, 2007

In the midst of the international spotlight on the problem of deforestation, forest fires and peatland clearance, as well as a variety of natural disasters related to climate change that occurred in recent years, Indonesia has been chosen as the host of COP 13 / MOP 3. The meeting will be held in Nusa Dua - Bali on 3 to 14 December 2007. This event will be attended by about 6000 delegates from both countries are committed to the Kyoto Protocol, businesses (industrial businesses and project developers in the field of CDM, JI, and ET), scientists, as well as consultants and NGOs.

COP / MOP (Convention of the Parties/ Meeting of the Parties) is the annual meeting of the countries that ratified the Kyoto Protocol. COP 1 held in Berlin, Germany on 28 March - 7 April 1995, the interim activities ranging MOP held at COP 11 in Montreal, Canada on November 28-December 10, 2005.

The purpose of the COP 13 / MOP 3 is to determine the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol after 2012 and the fight for the mechanism more flexible and easier for the forestry sector as well as other matters related to the handling of the issue of climate change. In addition, there is some work yet to be done related to the outcome of COP 12 in Nairobi last year, including the negotiation has not taken a decision on funding adaptation (Adaptation Fund).

-RS, SDA & AS-