London Will Give Sanctions Not Environmentally Friendly Cars

Bogor, August 6, 2014

Efforts to solve traffic jams and air pollution in Europe is not just a discourse. In London, this policy will be applied. The government will take a firm stand for vehicles emitting more than 75 g/km emission.

To get into the city center, the category of the vehicle will be charged an entrance fee of 10 pounds, or approximately USD 191 thousand (exchange rate of Rp 19 775 per US $). Currently, the cost of 11.5 pounds, or approximately USD 227 thousand per day has been subjected to a vehicle that was judged to have violated the emission limits. In contrast, the diesel-engined vehicle meets Euro 6 emission standards will not be charged an entrance fee.

Page Carscoops, Monday (04/08/2014), reported that, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who got the idea. He wanted to apply the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) or low-emission zone in 2020. Currently, the company is lobbying the government to re-adjust the tax diesel vehicles. He hoped that this may encourage motorists to switch to environmentally friendly vehicles. The same rule will apply to vehicles with gasoline engine year of manufacture before 2006. Vehicles with emission standards under EURO 6 will be subject to import duties to reduce the number of traffic jams in London. Currently, there were 30 million motor vehicles registered in the UK. One third of the number of vehicles registered with diesel cars.

However, this policy will encounter many obstacles. Because the vehicles that fall into the category dominated by public transport, from buses, taxis, and trucks. This policy would also tend to disrupt the stability of the SME. Because, the pioneering venture in London still use older vehicles for daily operations. Therefore, the government of the city of London was asked to review the policy of the customs duties for the right target.


Source: (050814)