Manokwari, The Earliest City Affected by Climate Change

Bogor, September 9, 2014

A decade from now estimated to tropical regions of the world will face severe impacts of climate change and much earlier than the Arctic and other regions. This was revealed in a study published in the scientific journal Nature, October 9, 2013.

So far, many studies were released only highlight the plight of vegetation and wildlife as a result of climate change. For the first time, researchers have put effects on humans, what would happen if the cities of the world are experiencing extreme climates. If conditions such as the current carbon emissions, it is predicted to Southeast Asia will be the first region to experience extreme weather.

As released by, the earliest city affected by climate change in the world is Manokwari in Papua. Experts estimate the city will reach the hottest point in 2020. The second city that will experience the fastest change in the hottest weather is Jakarta. The city is expected to reach the temperature of the hottest in 2029.

Moreover, the average of other cities in Asia will experience the warmest weather in the 2040's. Beijing and Bangkok hottest temperatures will be reached in the year 2046, Tokyo in 2041, and Mumbai in the year 2034. "Coldest years in the future happened together with the hottest temperatures on Earth 150 years ago," said Camilo Mora, lead author of this study from the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

Planet Earth climate forecasts released by these experts also include the acidity of sea water, new rainfall patterns and rising sea levels. "We hope this analysis will be able to bring the message to everyone that climate change is currently underway," said Abby Frazier, one of the team of researchers from the Univerisity of Hawaii.


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