Lower Emissions Proved to be More Efficient and Healthy

Bogor, October 2, 2014

The team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that, the benefits derived from the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions proved to exceed the cost of the emissions cuts. This was revealed from the results of their study released Sunday (24/8). According to the researchers, the savings from healthier air condition, can cover all the costs of carbon emissions cuts.

They found that the health benefits of cost savings can be 10 times greater than the cost to cut climate pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. Governments and the society could savings the cost of healthy due to decreased symptoms of asthma and other health problems associated with various types of harmful air pollutants.

Noelle Selin, an assistant professor at MIT who co-compiled the report says, "The policy of reducing carbon emissions significantly improve air quality, carbon emission reduction policies in fact, have the benefit of the equivalence of the reduction of air pollution."

Selin and team compared the health benefits of the three climate policy in the United States namely, standard of clean energy, transportation policies and programs and the establishment of cuts in carbon emissions (cap and trade program).

The research team found that the value of the cost savings of declining health problems that reached $ 247 billion, far exceeding the cost of the program and the establishment of carbon emission cuts of $ 14 billion and the cost of clean energy standard of $ 208 billion.

Emission reduction policies that require the largest costs is transport policy with fuel efficiency standards that cost more than $ 1 trillion corresponding dollar value in 2006. Thus, the health benefits of simply closing a quarter (26%) of the cost of the policy.


Source: hijauku.com (260814)