Funds $ 10 Billion Promised to Tackle Climate Change

Bogor, January 9, 2015

Among the most significant achievement in the UN climate talks, one of which is on the Green Climate Fund (GCF). These funds are intended to be the main funding channel in helping poor countries to act on climate change and mitigate its effects.

With the promise of Norway on Friday (5/12) to provide US $ 258 million, the fund has received the promise of $ 10 billion, and is expected to start considering which projects will be funded next year. But the council of 24 countries, first of all need to adopt some rules regarding which projects should be funded.

Here are some of the countries of the contributors, from poor and rich countries:

United States: $ 3 billion. The White House said "significant part" should support the activities of the private sector and funds "based on the progress" of the GCF.

Japan: $ 1.5 billion. Environmental groups suspect the Japanese want the fund to allow the procurement of technologies for fossil fuels, including coal-fired power plants modern. Delegations of Japan in Lima said on Friday that Japan has not adopted any position. A report from the Associated Press on Monday, showed that the Japanese had used approximately $ 1 billion climate fund to build a coal-fired power plant in Indonesia.

UK: $ 1.2 billion. Britain says it wants to donate a portion of this adaptation fund for the countries most vulnerable. France: $ 1 billion, which is a combination of grants and soft loans.

Sweden: $ 550 million, the largest given the Swedish population. Australia: $ 0 Australia said it would continue to pay for climate change adaptation in vulnerable countries through budgetary support, instead of the GCF. South Korea: $ 100 million. The first advanced countries pledged funds and a host of GCF headquarters.

China: $ 0. The populous country in the world and the highest carbon polluters have not contributed. But the head of the Chinese negotiating team in the UN climate conference in Lima on Thursday urged all developed countries, including Australia to doing that. Mongolia: $ 50,000. Maybe this is just a symbolic number, but it shows that anyone can contribute, not just the rich countries. Mongolia's GDP per capita does not even reach one-fifth of US GDP.


Source: (081214)