Environmental Expert Oppose New Ideas CO2 Gas Cleaning

Bogor, September 11, 2008

New research at Columbia University is being developed on the CO2 scrubber, which can eliminate a ton of CO2 in the air every day.

This cleaning tool is an efficient and economical way to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. By producing large quantities of CO2 cleaning, it is believed that the rate of increase in the minimum amount of CO2 in the atmosphere can be maintained without removal cheap energy source that is economically painful.

However, many environmentalists oppose the technology because it allowed people to use fossil fuel and still emits carbon. In addition, the environmental activist group also opposes same technology, such as carbon capture and sequestration. Both of these technologies do not solve the problem at its root. They argue that it is better to use the technology that supports the reduction in the use of coal as a bertahap. In the other hand, the leader of energy analysts agree with the researchers, compared to the protestors.

"If it lowers CO2 emissions to the goal, then investigate and invest in the infrastructure that is now efficiently and effectively is becoming more sense than eliminating the only viable option because it does not follow the political philosophy of the energy economy," said Amy Kaleita, members of environmental policy The Pacific Research Institute.

"This proves that the environmentalists do not consider how the resolution of a problem. The problem is one way to limit the way people live, and it would be nice if there was an improvement of technology that can solve the problem but does not require the sacrifice that is still run as usual activities. However, they are not happy about this, even though this technology could solve the problem. In fact, assuming that global warming is a real and serious problem that must be diselesesaikan, this technology is a good thing, as can be seen in terms of cost effectiveness, "said Sterling Burnett, a senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis.

If we had some major breakthroughs in solar technology and electric storage, then we do not need to rely on this technology. But if we do not have any breakthrough, we will fail to fight climate change and will cause economic suffering, especially for sensitive matters.

Source: Krystle Russin (August 1, 2008)