Indonesia Planned to Extend the Ban on Forest Clearing

Bogor, April 13, 2015

Indonesia, which has the third largest tropical forest in the world and the palm oil industry is strong, will extend the ban on forest clearing, according to an official on Wednesday (1/4).

Indonesia is facing international pressure to reduce deforestation and peatland destruction and carbon-rich forests, which according to the company of palm oil and mining need for expansion.

"Indonesia will extend the moratorium," said Nur Masripatin, policy advisor to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. However, he did not give a clear time frame for such an extension. "The policy will be continued", she said.

For information, the government imposed a two-year moratorium on logging on May 2011 under the climate agreement worth US $ 1 billion with Norway, which aims to reduce emissions from deforestation, and extend it for for two years another on May 2013.


Source: (020415)