80% of Citizens in the World are Very Worried About Climate Change

Bogor, June 9, 2015

The new survey on climate change showed nearly 80 percent of people around the world concerned about the impact of global warming. The poll was conducted in 79 countries by a group called World View Against Climate and Energy.

Ten thousand people meet simultaneously on Saturday (6/6) to debate climate change and fill out the survey. The organizers say it is the world's largest community meetings on the issue.

Among the results of the poll, 79 percent said they are very worried about the impact of climate change, and 71 percent said the United Nations negotiations is less effective to resolve the issue.

Seventy percent said the fight against global warming is a global responsibility that requires an international agreement, but 80 percent said their country should take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, although other countries do not.

Nearly half of the respondents believe the world should to stop the exploration of reserves of fossil fuels, such as oil and coal - the two main sources of pollution.

The survey results will be submitted to a UN meeting in Bonn this week that are going to design a framework agreement ahead of the climate change summit in Paris in December.


Source: voaindonesia.com (080615)