Fires on Peat Secondary Forests Emit 95.74 tonnes/ha Emissions

Bogor, June 30, 2015

Fires on peat forests secondary in the first year contribute to carbon emissions by 95.74 tons / ha. This is revealed in a study entitled "Carbon Stocks in a Variety of Forest Types and Plant Species in Indonesia" conducted by the Research Team on Center of Climate Change and Policy (Puspijak) Forestry Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Forestry.

Results of the study states that carbon stocks in peat forests secondary is 103.59 tons C/ha. When there is a fire in the first year, carbon stocks in peat forests secondary will remain 7.85 tons C/ha. That amount, according to a report released November 2014, only including the value of carbon in above-ground and do not include the value of carbon below ground and soil carbon. If both of the carbon source is also included, then the value of the emissions produced in the process of fires on peat forests secondary will be greater.

Puspijak head, Dr. Ir. Kirsfianti L. Ginoga, M.Sc, Wednesday (24/06/2015), said that "information carbon stocks in a variety of forest types and ecosystems is expected to be a basic consideration for the parties to determine technical decisions, such as estimates of emissions that would be generated if a particular forest or trees felled. In addition, it can also determine the type of vegetation to be planted as an effort to increase carbon uptakeā€.


Source: (240615)