UN Climate Change Negotiations New Round Held in Ghana

Bogor, September 4, 2008

UN Climate Change Talks began on August 21, 2008 held in Accra, capital of Ghana, with the headline Accra Climate Change Talks, 2008. During the week, 1,600 representatives from 160 countries will hold discussions on drafting a new climate change agreement.

Methods and rules reduction of greenhouse gas emissions rooms major industrial countries after the Kyoto Protocol maturity is an important content of the talks this time. Secretary of the Secretariat ekskusif Framework Agreement on Climate Change Yvo de Boer yesterday said he hopes that negotiations can achieve kesekapatan on this issue, because it is only after establishing means of reducing emissions, developed countries can only be set emission reduction targets.

De Boer urged countries to accelerate the process of negotiations in order to achieve a new climate change agreement in Copenhagen Climate Change Conference to be held in December next year.

Source: Cina Radio Indonesia