French Ambassador: 4 Pillars to be Achieved at the COP 21 Paris

Bogor, July 9, 2015

In December, about 200 countries will attend the Conference on Climate Change (Conference of Parties/COP) 21th in Paris. For two weeks, more than 50,000 participants will discuss and agree on various things to cope with climate change.

As the host, the French not only concerned to keep the annual meeting went well, but also that the COP 21 to produce agreements better for the future of the earth.

"The situation we face today is not only climate change but climate catastrophe," said the French ambassador in the COP 21 to Asia Philippe Zheller to journalists in Bangkok, Thailand, Thursday (2/7) ago.

According Zheller there are four main pillars to be achieved at the COP 21 later. First, the existence of a binding agreement (legally binding agreement) among the member states of the UNFCC.

"This binding agreement should be made flexible, reliable, and open," said Zheller. Binding agreement is expected to be the legality of the member countries of the UNFCC.

The second is intended nationally determined contribution (INDC) is a national commitment about how much their contribution in addressing climate change. INDC stressed that each country member of UNFCC should make the domestic mechanism to address climate change issues in context of each country.

The third pillar is financing. COP 21 in Paris later on, the parties are expected to agree on the financing mechanism to address climate change.

Zheller said there will be about USD 1 billion, which will be donated to developing countries and developed countries for mitigation and adaptation activities. In addition, one of which is expected to be launched at COP 21 is the Green Climate Fund, funding for climate change.

The fourth pillar is the solution agenda. According Zheler actually already implemented a number of solutions both locally and globally. Nonetheless, he said, climate change requires solutions that involve cross-actor. "Paris is not the end, it is just as begining," he said.


Source: (060715)