Hot Temperatures Worldwide Make a New Record

Bogor, July 24, 2015

Earth warmed up again last month, breaking the record high temperature for the month of June and the highest for the first half of the year.

US government agencies who observe the conditions of the ocean and atmosphere (NOAA) recorded an average temperature around the world in June reached 16.33 degrees Celsius. These phenomena as well broke the old record set last year by a margin of 0.12 degrees (0.22 degrees Fahrenheit).

NOAA scientists Jessica Blunden said that usually the temperature record broken by a margin of 0.001 to 0.02 degrees, it never got as high margin recorded in June in the history of 136 years of observations of the Earth's temperature.

First six months of 2014, 0.16 degrees warmer than the previous record which was recorded in 2010, with an average of 14.35 Celsius.

"No doubt 2015 will be the warmest year in history," says Blunden.


Source: (210715)