The Main Results of COP 21, Paris

Bogor, January 19, 2016

Climate negotiations (COP 21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Paris on 30 November to 13 December 2015. This meeting is a historic meeting because it produces the first binding agreement (legally binding) since the Kyoto Protocol was born at the COP 3.

Paris agreement aims to stop global warming temperature of no more than 2 degrees Celsius. And for that, every country needs to include a commitment on how much carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced.

Paris agreement was supported at least 195 countries, including the two biggest producers of carbon emissions the world, namely the United States and China.

The main points of the Paris Agreement, among other things:

At the adoption event of the Paris Agreement, the COP President, Laurent Fabius said that the Paris Agreement are fair, dynamic, durable and recognizes the distinction between state parties. The agreement to respect the red lines of each country and didn't satisfy all parties. However, a collective effort is believed to be better than individual efforts.

In a national statement after the adoption of Paris Agreement presented by the Head of Delegation (Minister of Environment and Forestry), Indonesia said that although it has reached an agreement, the more important things and urgent are about implement the policies in the countries. For that, Indonesia encourage countries to implement what has been agreed upon to achieve the goal of tackling global warming.

Source: (120116)