The Sea Levels Will Rise Higher in the Next Century

Bogor, March 31, 2016

A recent study showed that sea levels will rise higher than previously believed by the end of this century. This is because the ice is melting rapidly in the Antarctic.

This was stated by US researchers Rob DeConto and David Pollard. Using a sophisticated computer model, they found that with the levels of greenhouse gas emissions today, the world's oceans will rise nearly two meters in 2100, and about 15 meters in the year 2500.

On the contrary, recent reports UNFCCC has predicted that sea levels will rise to just under one meter by the year 2100 due to the warming sea water and glaciers as well as chunks of ice in Greenland are melting.

If the predictions from the two American researchers, published in the Nature journal that is true, then many coastal areas, such as southern Florida and New Orleans in the United States, Shanghai city, and Bangladesh could be threatened by rising sea levels.

Both researchers studied two previous periods of global warming, started three million years ago and 125,000 years ago, to discover how and why thawing are happened in the southern polar continent.


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