UN: Climate Change is Closely Related to Global Health

Bogor, May 26, 2016

Global health is highly dependent on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions drastically, said UN official told delegates to the World Health Assembly in Geneva, on Tuesday (24/5).

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, praised the major breakthrough that made Paris climate change agreement, which was signed by 177 countries.

She said that the agreement was promised for climate and global health.

"In tackling climate change by reducing emissions, we prevent worsening health conditions around the world," she said.

"And by raising so many different conditions that can be improved through climate measures, such as increased food and water, food safety and water safety - we actually improve health conditions", she continued.

Lastly, Figueres warned that "failure to tackle climate change will cause a financial loss between $ 2 billion and $ 4 billion per year due to the direct impact on health in 2030".


Source: voaindonesia.com (250516)