Germany Becomes the Most Energy Efficient Country in the World

Bogor, July 22, 2016

Indonesia for the first time included in the ranking of countries world's in energy efficiency. Germany, Italy and Japan are the three countries most efficient in energy use. Germany occupied the first position as the most energy efficient country in 2016. Furthermore, Italy and Japan jointly ranked second. United States climbed to 8th place this year from 13th in 2014. China and Spain successively occupying the 6th and 7th.

Energy efficiency ratings published by the international non-profit organization American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). Indonesia, the Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey became a new entry in the world of energy efficiency ratings.

ACEEE assessing these countries based on 35 performance criteria in four categories: building, industrial, transportation, and overall efficiency. Germany won the highest number in national energy efficiency action, buildings and industry. While India and Italy leads in the transport sector.

The countries included in this ranking consumes 75% of the world and accounts for 80% of global Gross Domestic Product. Ranked complete the country's most energy efficient version of ACEEE are as follows: Germany (1), Italy (2 draws), Japan (2 draws), France (4), England (5), China (6), Spain (7) , South Korea (8 draws), United States (8, draw), Canada (10), the Netherlands (11), Poland (12), Taiwan (13), India (14th), Turkey (15), Australia (16 ), Russia (17), Indonesia (18th), Mexico (19), Thailand (20), South Africa (21), Brazil (22) and Saudi Arabia (23).


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