Exploitation of the Earth Expected to Increase Threefold

Bogor, July 29, 2016

In the next four decades, exploitation of natural resources will increase three-fold. These conditions will further aggravate air pollution and climate change. According to the International Resource Panel (IRP), the increasing exploitation of the earth fueled by a growing middle class in both the developed and developing countries.

The growth of the middle class will lead to increased demand for fossil fuels, metals and other materials to support their lifestyle. The behavior of the middle class, according to the IRP will exacerbate climate change, air pollution, threatens biodiversity, triggering scarcity of materials is important, even triggering local conflicts.

Number of primary raw materials that have been exploited from the earth jumped from 22 billion tonnes in 1970 to 70 billion tons in 2010. The rich countries on average consume raw materials 10 times more than the poorest countries or twice the average consumption raw material world.

IRP estimates, if the lifestyle and middle-class demand for housing, transportation, food, water and energy does not change, then in 2050, 9 billion inhabitants of the earth will require 180 billion tons of raw materials to serve their lifestyle. The amount is nearly three times the demand in 2010.

Consumption of raw materials in the countries of Europe and North America to reach 20-25 tonnes per resident in 2010, the highest among other countries. For comparison, the consumption of raw materials of China reached 14 tons per inhabitant and Brazil 13 tonnes. Raw material consumption per capita of the countries in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean and West Asia reaches 9-10 tons. While African people only consume less than 3 tons of raw materials per capita in 2010.

As a result, the earth will be increasingly exploited and polluted. Damage will occur on land and sea. Will increasingly ocean acidic, the land will be degraded and spark erosion, contaminated by a sea of garbage and pollution.


Source: hijauku.com (220716)