Indonesian Government will Ratify Paris Agreement in November

Bogor, August 31, 2016

General Director of Climate Change Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) Nur Masripatin said that the ratification of Paris Agreement on climate change will be completed in November, before the meeting of COP-22 in Marrakesh.

"The target prior to Marrakesh are already on ratification," said Nur Masripatin after speaking at a seminar in Menara Peninsula Hotel, West Jakarta, as quoted from, Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

Nur Masripatin explained that, the institution she leads has obtained permission initiative from President Joko Widodo. Now, MoEF are communicating intensively with the Parliament and Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

Nur Masripatin continue, that General Secretary of UN Ban Ki Moon has sent a message to the heads of government of 55 countries that signed Paris agreement, and will be the first countries to ratify the agreement. Moreover, it will need funding about US $ 100 billion to support implementation of Paris Agreement. According to Nur Masripatin, to achieve this commitment needs to be a transition shift towards sustainable low carbon green economy that should be done by Government of Indonesia.


Source: (310816)