Indonesia NDC Kick Off: Translating NDC into Actions

Bogor, May 17, 2017

The global warming threshold of two degrees Celsius is equivalent to 450 PPM of the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. By 2015, experts estimate the volume of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has touched the number 400 PPM. The forecast has added to global concerns about the impact of global warming. The impact of global warming has also been felt in Indonesia is characterized by the frequency of floods, landslides, hurricanes and forest fires.

At the same year, UNFCCC member states made up of 197 countries have resulted in a consensus of the new global climate change regime documented in the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement mandates to implement the Nationally Determinded Contribution (NDC) to control the "production" of greenhouse gases from human activities consist from climate change mitigation and adaptation plans in each member country, including Indonesia.

Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) as the "National Focal Point for UNFCCC" on 27 April 2016 invites stakeholders to attend on Kick off Meeting of NDC implementation. This meeting provides information on current status and concrete steps for the preparation of NDC implementation, further policy elaboration and mitigation actions in each sector category and adaptation in each territory category.

Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry, Dr. Siti Nurbaya in her speech reminded again the emission reduction target that has been promised to global. Indonesia's promised target in NDC is to reduce GHG emissions by 29% to 41% with international supports. "The NDC is an important part of the Paris Agreement that we have ratified with Act. No.16 on 28 October 2016", she said. Furthermore she said that "within the NDC there are five main sectors that have been calculated to emission reduction targets including in the forest and land sector by 17.20%, energy by 11%, waste by 0.38%, IPPU 0.10% and agriculture 0.32%".

"Once we have committed the mitigation and adaptation of climate change through the NDC, now is the time to implement it gradually within the framework of the Constitution and the Nawacita framework so that in the period 2020 - 2030 we are in the right track," she said. Although the modalities, procedures and guidance for the implementation of the Paris Agreement will be decided at COP 24 of 2018, we have to prepare it. The President of Indonesia has stated that Indonesia will be committed to be part of the solution", continued the Minister.

The implementation of NDC will be a momentum for Indonesia to improve its welfare while protecting forests, protecting the environment, developing renewable energy, developing low-emission agriculture, enhancing food security, environmentally friendly industries and integrated waste management. The essence, carrying out the NDC, will gain unnoticed added value including poverty alleviation and equitable distribution of sustainable development and most importantly, improvement of environmental governance and climate change, the Minister said. The Minister's also stated that the commitment of NDC implementation is not only the commitment of the government but also the local government, private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders. MoEF has drafted a NDC implementation strategy that will be communicated with stakeholders in Indonesia.

Director General of Climate Change Control, Dr. Nur Masripatin said to support monitoring and evaluation of the implementation and achievement of NDC, MoEF through the Directorate General of PPI has provided registration containers for mitigation and adaptation actions and international support in the form of National Registry System (SRN). In addition, through the Directorate General of PPI, MoEF has prepared a NDC implementation strategy consisting of 9 programs ranging from building ownership and commitment of all parties to "Review and Adjustment NDC". The NDC implementation strategy will make it easier for every stakeholders, especially ministries and agencies to formulate actions with their respective stakeholders, added the General Director's.