Strengthen Indonesia’s Interest in the Upcoming of COP 23

Bogor, July 13, 2017

The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) as the national focal point for the UNFCCC has begun preparations for the COP 23 negotiations will be held in Bonn, Germany, 6-17 November 2017. The Directorate General of Climate Change Control (DGCCC) held a "Kick-Off Meeting Preparation of Indonesian Delegation to COP23" on Thursday, July 6, 2017. The event was attended by approximately 150 participants from various representatives of related Ministries/Institutions, non-governmental organizations and/or civil society organizations, academics/universities, the private sector, and the media.

In her delivery, Dr. Nur Masripatin as the General Director of Climate Change Control said that COP 23 is an important COP, the determinant of implementation of the Paris Agreement. In general, the mission of the Indonesian Delegation's participation in the COP 23 is to ensure that Indonesia's interests are accommodated in the detailed regulatory results of the various determinants of emission reduction and adaptation activities discussed in the form of modalities, procedures and guidelines for the implementation of key elements in the Paris Agreement. For the Indonesian Delegation, this becomes very important and determines the implementation of the real actions of climate change mitigation and adaptation in the country.

Furthermore, Ibu Nur said that, Indonesia will strengthen they importance on several key issues including elements discussed under APA trials. These key issues are related to further guidance on mitigation action implementation, guidance on adaptation communication, transparency framework, stocktake global implementation planning, compliance committee regulations, and other matters related to the implementation of the Paris Agreement after 2020. Furthermore, Ibu Nur added, the delegates will struggle for Indonesia’s position in relation to climate financing, land sectors including REDD+, reforestation and land restoration, Article 6 of the Paris Agreement which includes Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs) and market and non market mechanisms, agricultural agendas and response measures.

To support the struggle of interest, the Indonesian Delegation will drafting and submit several submissions as a part of Indonesia's position. Ibu Nur said that there are 19 submissions that will be the guidance of the negotiating members of the Indonesian Delegation. From the 19 submissions, two are on climate change mitigation, four on climate change adaptation, three on transparency framework, two on capacity improvement, three on the article 6 of Paris Agreement, two on response measures, two on climate funding and one on gender and climate change. Prior to the negotiating at COP 23 Bonn, Germany, the Indonesian Delegation will follow Pre COP to be held on 17 - 18 October 2017 in Fiji.