UN: The Highest GHG Emissions in 800 Thousand Years

Bogor, October 31, 2017

As reported on page voaindonesia.com (31/11), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reports that greenhouse gas emissions in the Earth's atmosphere have reached the highest levels in 800,000 years. According to the report released a week before climate change negotiations COP 23 took place in Bonn, Germany, WMO reported that atmospheric CO2 concentrations have soared at the fastest pace last year to the highest in history.

WMO also said that current CO2 levels are 145 percent higher than pre-industrial levels. This condition has the potential to change the climate system in an unprecedented and disastrous manner.

WMO's Secretary General Petteri Taalas said that scientists have been able to track the variability of carbon dioxide concentrations over the past 800,000 years. "We have gone far beyond the natural variability that happened in the past and we have given extra energy to the earth. We have already begun to see an increasing number of weather-related natural disasters. The disastrous economic loss has tripled since the 80s. So, it is a consequence of climate change," said Taalas.

The report found that CO2 accounts for more than 60 percent for earth warming and human activity and natural climate variability is behind a substantial increase in greenhouse gas gases.

Taalas warned that rising temperatures would reach dangerous levels by the end of the century without CO2 reductions and other greenhouse gas emissions quickly. He said measures to mitigate climate change should be done immediately.


Source: voaindonesia.com (311017)